Rehearsals Ramp Up!

With the show less than a week away, each of the five performance locations are teeming with techies, staff members, performers, and more! It takes many hands to make this piece possible, just as it takes many hands to keep campus clean, safe, and running smoothly. We hope to see you at the show this weekend!

Gloria Ramales, Victor Ignacio Rosario, and Yocasta Genao rehearse on Andrus Field.

Performers, choreographers and WesWorks crew pose together after a great rehearsal!
From L to R: Samara Zepeda, Gloria Ramales, Allison Orr, Victor Ignacio Rosario, Felix Rosario, Yocasta Genao, Jose Rodriguez, Gretchen LaMotte, Odrimelissa Mármol, Krissie Marty, Elena Morales